EARN trough Time Framing
Chainge Earn - Passive income at your fingertips. Chainge Finance offers interest for a very wide variety of cryptocurrencies & stable coins + CHNG rewards where applicable.
Start earning using the Chainge App. Follow this video tutorial on how to start earning using the Chainge App:

How does the Earn feature work?

Today, there are two essential parameters that define traditional transfers of value: Type and Quantity. Our innovative TF function creates a third parameter of value: ‘Time’.
The ‘time value of money’ fundamentally states that 1 BTC today will be worth more than 1 BTC in let’s say one year, because of its potential earning capacity. In an applied scenario, 1 BTC can be invested today in something that will make you a profit over the course of that certain period, thus, making that 1 BTC more valuable in the future.
Using the ‘Time frame’ function, any value, can be ‘split’ into defined periods, (for example, from the present time until 6 months from now and from 6 months from now to infinity)
The possibilities TF opens up are endless, but right now we are going to focus on the Earn feature which will grant you the possibility of time-framing an asset and then managing it through a smart contract.
How it works

Earning while having full control over your wealth

So, as previously explained, time-framing is basically assigning a purpose to a certain amount of wealth for a certain amount of time. This implies you — as the owner — will still safely possess the given value (back portion), while the smart contract — as the trusted entity — will have the right to use the front portion for a fixed predetermined period before returning it to you. In other words, you will still have ownership rights on the back portion of your assets while putting the front portion to work by giving the smart contract usage rights over it.

What happens when you time-frame your asset?

The front portion of your asset will go to the smart contract and you will instantaneously receive your TF asset reward (according to the APY)+ CHNG reward (where applicable) So, what can you do with the back portion you own and the rewards you receive? The back portion of your asset will fulfil all the functionalities of a regular asset, meaning you can exchange it (in the Future DEX), send it to someone else or use it for any other operation as per usual. As for the Time-Framed asset reward you get, it’s just the same. You can either wait for it to reach maturity and become a full asset, or you can liquidate it (according to the existing trading pair exchange rate within the Future DEX), send it to someone else or even use it to write options. (we will cover options comprehensively in a future article) !!! The date at which your TF asset will mature (maturity date) is predetermined and applies to all users regardless of when or what sum they Time-Frame.

What is the difference between earning through Chainge Time-Framing and earning through other types of APY services?

The main difference here is simple but extremely important: The magic of the the TF token lies within its incredible flexibility. When you time-frame, you are sending the usage rights aka the front portion of an asset to the smart contract. BUT the back portion of your asset will remain in your wallet, under your control, to use as you please. With other types of APY services, like regular deposits, your funds are locked in. You can’t do anything with the asset you’ve entrusted because you have no access to it. In a nutshell you’ll finally get a taste of actual financial freedom.
And in case you’re wondering what currencies will be available for you to Time-Frame to Earn here’s a list with the ones we’ve confirmed so far:
  • Fusion
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • TRON
  • Binance Coin
  • Huobi Token
  • Uniswap
  • PancakeSwap
  • Mdex
  • ChainLink
  • AAVE
  • Enjin Coin
  • Alpha Finance Lab
  • Synthetix
  • 1inch
  • SushiSwap
  • Compound
  • yearn.finance
  • Decentraland
  • The Graph
  • Basic Attention Token
  • 0x
  • UMA
  • Curve DAO Token
  • Balancer, Swipe
  • Badger DAO
  • BakeryToken
  • DODO
  • Venus